Simple fountain with night light display

Introduction to fountain with night light display

Fountain with night light display are great for designs. Fountains have long been cherished as captivating displays of water’s graceful choreography, but when bathed in the electrifying glow of night disco lights, they transcend the ordinary and become a mesmerizing spectacle of dynamic artistry. As daylight fades and the world around us succumbs to the veil of darkness, these illuminated fountains come to life, casting a radiant tapestry of colors and patterns that dance harmoniously with the rhythmic flow of water. In this introduction, we embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of fountains with night disco lights, where liquid and light intertwine to create a breathtaking symphony for the senses.

Hardware components used in this project

1Solar panel (SOR)15V1
2Battery (BAT)12V1
3Water pump (M)12V1
4Op amp (U1)Lm3581
5555 timer (U2)1
6CD 40171
14Transistors NPN2
15LDR (VR2)1
16Potentiometer(VR1)100 kΩ1
17Switch (S1)SPST1

Solar panel: The system is solar powered hence the solar panel. The major function of the solar panel is to charge the batteries of the system. This is a system that takes a good turn to a renewable energy source. The solar panel has to be 15V or higher. If you get a panel that is less than 15V, you can connect multiple panels in series to get 15V.

Op amp: The operational amplifier op amp is used as a comparator to output a high signal when it is dark. This ensures that the lighting system works only when it is dark or at night.

555 Timer: The 555 timer is used to send a clock signal/ input signal to the CD 4017. The 555 timer is configured in Astable mode. This makes the input signal oscillate between on and off between particular intervals.

CD 4017: CD 4017 decade counter is an IC that can count from 0-9. It can be used in circuits to create a running light. In this system, the CD 4017 would be used to create an awesome light show at light.

Circuit diagram for fountain with night light display

Fountain with night light display

How fountain with night light display work

We want the fountain to work always except for the light which we want to work only at night. To achieve this, we would need to make a logical circuit that outputs a high signal when it is dark. Hence the use of an op amp. The op amp serves as a comparator to compare voltages at both the inverting and noninverting terminals. A potentiometer is used to vary the resistance at the inverting terminal to ensure that the comparator outputs a low signal.

A resistor and an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) are used for the voltage divider on the noninverting terminal. Given that the resistance of an LDR can go very high in the dark, once darkness is applied the op amp output a high signal.

The water pump is connected directly to the battery as it is supposed to be working once as long as the system is on.

The output of the op amp is connected to the base of an NPN transistor through a resistor. Once the op amp outputs a high signal, the transistor turns on connecting the ground pin of the 555 timer to connect to ground. This turns the 555 timer on.

The 555 timer is connected in astable mode such that the system switches states between high and low at certain intervals. The output pin of the 555 timer is connected to the input pin/ CLK pin of CD 4017.

The decade counters outputs are looped in pairs using a diode to give a single output. The negative part of the LEDs is connected to the collector of a transistor a resistor. What happens is that, once the op amp outputs a high signal it turns both the transistors on such that they are ready to operate.

The solar panel is connected directly to the battery through a power resistor to account for the voltage difference between the solar panel and the battery. An LED is connected directly from the panel through a high-value resistor to indicate that the system is charging. A diode separates the battery and the solar panel to prevent backward flow of current to the panel.

This variation uses renewable energy, but it can be modified to use an AC power supply. For this to happen, we would substitute the solar panel and replace it with a 15V transformer and a rectifying circuit. It would be similar to the charging to the charging circuit.

Images of fountain with night light display

Application and uses of this system

Fountain with night light display are a popular attraction for people who want to enjoy a beautiful and entertaining spectacle. It can serve as an artistic way to decorate your house.

It can create a romantic, festive, or relaxing atmosphere depending on the theme and the music of the show.

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